Abigails Party Comedy night

abigail party comedy cabaret

Abigails Party Comedy night

Sun, 26/02/2017 -
19:00 to 23:15

It's Oscar night and we're having our own exclusive Oscar Party! The fantastic Sara Pascoe, off of Live! At The Apollo is coming to tell us her excellent jokes. We also have the brilliant Stephen Carlin, named by Stewart Lee as one of the 'Ten Best Comedians in the World Ever' and named by Abigail as 'The Swankiest Dresser in Comedy'.

Sara and Stephen are basically the funniest and brainiest comedians in Britain. But don't panic! Abigail's one-fan-band Dave will be there to bring the average IQ right down to rock bottom! Come and celebrate the achievement of actors who earn more than you can ever hope to! They don't get enough attention!

Songs! Goody Bags! Exclamation marks!!!!

Line ups may be subject to change but if they do change it will be someone AMAZING.


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